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Have you ever walked into a casino and felt like you were in an alternate reality? We’ve compiled the top tips to help you become a real casino player.

Dress Appropriately

Slacks, dress shoes, and shirts with collars are best.

Show Professional Courtesy

Always be polite and respectful to dealers, floor managers, cocktail waitresses, bellhops, etc.

Play Games You Know

Find your favorite games and stick to them until you know what they are capable of giving you in winnings.

Manage Your Bankroll

Know how much money you can afford to lose before going up on another bet

Play with Players with the same Skills as You

Don’t play against people who have been playing longer than yourself or who appear to be more experienced gamblers

Keep it Cool

Be careful not to get too intense while playing blackjack or any other card game

Enjoy the Experience

Have fun! Remember that casinos are meant for entertainment purposes only