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If you want to improve your gambling decisions, you should first learn how to predict how opponents will move. To do this, first focus on the opponents’ body language and behavior patterns. You can use these clues to figure out their next move.

Read Your Opponents

Next, try and predict the opponents’ thoughts. This is a lot more difficult than predicting their moves as it requires some insight into their mental state as well as understanding what kind of player they are.

For example, if your opponents seem really drunk or high then they might not be able to think as clearly as someone who was sober.

Are they Emotionally Compromised?

Lastly, take note of the opponents’ emotions—are they happy or annoyed? If an opponent seems happy then they may be confident in their current strategy and won’t change strategies any time soon. However, if they seem annoyed then they may be feeling anxious and might make a rash decision in order to relieve that anxiety.

Using these tips can help you predict your opponents’ moves and make better gambling decisions for yourself!