How to Play Magic the Gathering: A Gaming Guide

Jun 11, 2024 Gambling & Gaming

How to Play Magic the Gathering: A Gaming Guide

Ever wondered what your pal is up to with those cards? MTG is a strategy card game where you play as a strong Planeswalker using spells and creatures to conquer the battlefield. The sheer number of cards and strategies can be intimidating, but understanding the essential mechanics is simple.

Combat Awaits

Two or more players use 60-card decks in MTG. Summon creatures and cast spells to lower your opponent’s life points from 20 to 0. Players take turns drawing cards, tapping lands for mana, summoning monsters, casting spells, and attacking with their creatures.

Building Your Arsenal

MTG has five main card types: Your offense and defense depend on creatures. Their power/toughness stats show their offensive and defensive strength.


Provide spell mana. You can cast spells from different lands’ colored mana.


Damage, boost, or remove threats temporarily. Instants (cast anytime) and sorceries (cast at sorcery speed) are the main types. Permanent enchantments that improve creatures, lands, or effects. Strong cards portraying Planeswalkers with unique abilities that can be activated throughout the game.

Ready. Set. Play!

Strategizing, deck-building, and outwitting your opponent make MTG fun. The possibilities are boundless with so many cards and deck archetypes. MTG provides new players a realm of discovery, whether they want to summon powerful monsters or use clever spells. Just gather your buddies, mix your decks, and unleash your inner wizard!